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At CEN-ESG, we are committed to delivering measurable results and making a positive impact on the planet and society. We believe that sustainability is not only a moral or regulatory obligation but a strategic advantage for businesses in the long run.

What makes us different is our deep understanding of sustainability issues and the integration of best-practice ESG considerations into our clients' business strategies.

We stay up-to-date on emerging technologies, regulatory changes, and industry standards to ensure that our clients receive the most relevant and effective advice. We believe in a collaborative approach, and our services are designed to support our clients throughout their sustainability journey.

Our Values


B Corp Ambition

Since being founded, we have strived to be a responsible enterprise that surpasses the minimum requirements in all aspects of our operations. Our approach to client services and team development has led to a consistent increase in our scale and influence, which is highly rewarding. However, this growth has necessitated a deeper examination of how we can genuinely integrate our values into our business operations and support our team and community. As a result, we commenced the journey to obtain B Corp certification in early 2023.


Carbon Reduction Plan

CEN-ESG is fully committed to reducing the impact of climate change. Our business helps entities maximise their corporate sustainability potential, improving performance and ESG disclosure.
This includes the design, planning, target setting, actions and monitoring of corporate net zero programmes.

CEN-ESG, through our parent company's targets validated by the Science Based Targets initiative, is committed to reducing emissions and achieving Net Zero emissions across all scopes by 2040.


Our team of experts delivers positive outcomes to power sustainable business

Learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your ESG goals

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