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We provide tailor-made solutions, underpinned by our proprietary ESG assessment framework, Cascade, to identify current impacts, areas for improvement and solutions for more effective sustainability management.

Our services aim to streamline your regulatory obligations and support you in strengthening your ESG credibility. We simplify the complex requirements and help you enhance your disclosures, benefiting both your operational efficiency and investment activities.

Corporate Advisory

Cascade, our proprietary ESG assessment framework, underpins our data-driven consultancy services. We help our publicly listed and privately held clients develop ESG strategies aligned with their business objectives, stakeholder expectations, and regulatory requirements. Our team can also help develop net zero strategies to build resilience and adapt to climate change, support in accessing sustainable finance and help assess the sustainability of supply chains, developing strategies to improve their social and environmental performance.

Implementing ESG structure, oversight, and process

  • ESG framework design and implementation

  • Governance structures

  • Policies

  • Sustainability Committee actions

  • ESG-related management incentives

  • Board and executive awareness on ESG & regulation

Investor Solutions

We can simplify your regulatory obligations and enable you to enhance your disclosures to the benefit of your ESG credibility, both operationally and in your private equity or publicly listed investment activities. We aid clients understand the demands of the investment community and assist in the creation of IPO and fund-raising materials.

  • Establish, refresh or expand ESG and stewardship strategy and policy including ESG investment, engagement and proxy voting

  • Enhance ESG and sustainability credentials

  • Reposition investment process for greater ESG credibility

  • Establish best in class ESG and stewardship disclosures

  • Engagement and proxy voting training

  • Data prioritisation and collection

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